First manuscript of the Robustelli Lab on bioRxiv!

Jiaqi's first paper (and the group's first manuscript!) is out on bioRxiv now: 

"Small Molecules Targeting the Disordered Transactivation Domain of the Androgen Receptor Induce the Formation of Collapsed Helical States"

You can read a summary of the work here

Robustelli Laboratory Awarded NIH R35 Award

Our laboratory was awarded a 5-year NIH R35 MIRA for our project "Characterizing the binding mechanisms of castration-resistant prostate cancer therapeutics to the intrinsically disordered N-terminal domain of the androgen receptor".  Jiaqi and Paul have been hard at work on this system since the lab opened its doors, and we are thrilled to receive this support!

Postdoctoral Scholar Positions Open!

We are seeking to recruit  postdoctoral scholars with experimental biophysics backgrounds to study interactions of intrinsically disordered proteins with small molecule drugs using molecular simulations and NMR spectroscopy.